TIGR Matrix
Resorbable Surgical Mesh

We are experts in resorbable medical devices. Novus Scientific is the Innovator, developer and manufacturer of the world´s first long-term resorbable surgical mesh TIGR Matrix.

TIGR Matrix is characterized by long-term resorption and a dual stage degradation design that follows the natural wound healing and remodeling stages, this will allow the body to withstand the stresses after the matrix has been absorbed. The new connective tissue can then offer a long-term support.

“Today we’re helping a 35-year-old woman with diastases and upper abdominal wall insufficiency after previous abdominoplasties.” /

Dr Lindahl, Plastic Surgeon at Caroviva, Sweden 


2nd of October 2023, Paris, France

The 14th edition of our Masterclass series

Focus on DTI and prepectoral reconstruction. Live surgery and presentations by experts in the field.


Publications & Presentations


Breast Reconstruction


Abdominal Wall Reinforcement

Today, TIGR Matrix finds use in many applications, e.g.
breast reconstruction and abdominal wall reinforcement.

Are patients most satisfied with a synthetic or a biological mesh in dual-plane immediate breast reconstruction after 5 years? A randomized controlled trial comparing the two meshes in the same patient

Anna Paganini, Susanne Meyer, Håkan Hallberg, Emma Hansson Journal of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery 75 (2022) 4133–4143Received 8 April 2022; accepted 16 August 2022 DOI:doi.org/10.1016/j.bjps.2022.08.013AbstractIntroduction Biological or synthetic...

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20 years of experience

Developing, manufacturing, and marketing resorbable medical devices

  • Designed to help the body heal itself
  • 100% synthetic
  • Long-term resorbable
  • Untwisted multifilament
  • Biocompatible mesh

Today TIGR Matrix is used by surgeons around the world with a growing body of clinical evidence supporting its use in soft tissue reinforcement