100% synthetic for
predictable resorption and
a natural result.

TIGR Matrix

Resorbable Surgical Mesh

We are experts in resorbable medical devices. Novus Scientific is the Innovator, developer and manufacturer of the world´s first long-term resorbable surgical mesh TIGR® Matrix.

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Today TIGR Matrix is a clinically proven medical device used by surgeons around the world with long-term outcomes and experience demonstrating long-term durability. All Novus Scientific products are currently classified as class III devices. TIGR Matrix finds use in many applications, e.g. breast reconstruction and abdominal wall reinforcement.


Breast Reconstruction


Abdominal Wall Reinforcement

20 years of experience

Developing, manufacturing, and marketing resorbable medical devices.
TIGR Matrix is used by surgeons around the world with a growing body of clinical evidence supporting its use in soft tissue reinforcement.