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Dr Lindahl, Plastic Surgeon at Caroviva, Sweden

A personalized abdominoplasty with hernia surgeries #rectusdiastas #hernia #herniasurgery #tigrmatrix

“Today we’re helping a 35-year-old woman with diastases and upper abdominal wall insufficiency after previous abdominoplasties.”

Instruction Product Packaging

Content: Dr Bashar Zeidan, Consultant Oncoplastic Surgeon, University Hospital Southampton UK,
explaining TIGR Matrix packaging.

During our years out on the field next to expert surgeons we are now collecting the experience that has been made from all over the world. 

2022 – 26th of April

Eurosurgical hosted an evening webinar focusing on the benefits of using TIGR Matrix – a fully synthetic and resorbable mesh, for reconstructive and aesthetic breast surgery

INTRODUCTION – Henrik Magnusson Hjorth, CEO of Novus Scientific and co-inventor of TIGR Matrix Surgical Mesh

TIGR Matrix BREAST RECONSTRUCTION – WHY, WHERE & WHEN – Bashar Zeidan MD FRCS PhD Consultat Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon, University Hospital Southampton NHS

Please don´t record, take photographs or screen shots. These presentations contain sensitive clinical images and are copyright protected.

TIGR Matrix – expander to implant exchange

Content: Dr. Josie Todd, 2017, Christchurch Hospital New Zealand
Direct breast reconstruction. The exchange to permanent implant after expander with the support of a synthetic long term resorbable mesh.

ArtNo: 341-01

Webinar with TIGR Matrix 2021 

Content: Paris with Dr Nicolas Leymarie & Dr Jean-Francois Honart held a webinar regarding Immediate Breast Reconstruction etc.

ArtNo: 450029-01

11 minutes “The Ravioli technique” with TIGR Matrix 2021, Paris

Content: Direct to implant reconstruction with TIGR Matrix in surgery at the Gustave Roussy.
11min movie clip with “the Ravioli technique”.

ArtNo: 450038-01


Live surgery with TIGR Matrix 2021, Paris

Content: Step-by-step, short clips from a 2,5h CLINICAL CASE – BILATERAL PROPHYLACTIC MASTECTOMY, at Gustave Roussy.

ArtNo: 450039-01
(Also see the 450038-01, “The Ravioli technique”, from the same procedure.)

1(15) First drawings with footprint of the breast, IF

2(15) Infiltration of the breast  (11:34 – 20:45).  IF incision : how do you decide length and position of incision?

3(15) Dissection (21:00-22:56). How do you manage the area just behind the NAC?

4(15) Superficial dissection completed (23:15)

5(15) Deep dissection (23:53 – 46:00 )

6(15) Do you always do a mastectomy with an IMF incision? (27:03)

7(15) Don’t stretch gland too much (28:05 – 31:05)

8(15) Enlarging the dissection (31:10 – 33:00 )

9(15) Peripherical  dissection of the gland (35:25–39:41)

10(15) Complete laterally (39:42–41:53)

11(15) Upper pole dissection (44:20–45:06)

12(15) Putting stiches to mark the position of the NAC (45:20–46:23)

13(15) Mastectomy on the second breast (48:00–01:09:00). ICG in the OR (51:26).

14(15) Superficial + Deep dissections Removal of gland. Sent to pathologist even if this patient has no cancer.

15(15) Superficial + Deep dissections
Removal of gland. Sent to pathologist even if this patient has no cancer.