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Novus Scientific is the Innovator, Developer and Manufacturer of the World´s first Long-term Resorbable Surgical Mesh  TIGR® Matrix.

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〉TIGR® Matrix brochure – AWR 
〉TIGR® Matrix brochure – Breast 
Novus Scientific, invited to discuss innovations in Breast Surgery at the Medical Faculty in Paris

100% Synthetic Long-term Resorbable Surgical Mesh

TIGR® Matrix is available in 3 sizes

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TIGR® Matrix Surgical Mesh received 510(k) clearance by the FDA in 2010 and carries the CE-mark since 2011.

USE TIGR® Matrix

  • Long-term resorbable mesh

  • Strong

  • Pliable and easy to cut

  • 100% Synthetic

  • Cost effective

  • Multifilament for superior tissue integration

  • No rinsing

Press Releases

Implant Based Breast Reconstruction
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Abdominal Wall Reconstruction (AWR)
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The use of a novel synthetic resorbable scaffold (TIGR®Matrix) in a clinical quality improvement (CQI) effort for abdominal wall reconstruction (AWR)

Ramshaw, B., Lewis, R.,
Forman, B., Preston, M.,
Heidel, E.,
Alvoid‑Preston, B.

Accepted: 11 May 2020

About Novus Scientific

The origins of Novus Scientific are firmly rooted in Uppsala, Sweden, widely acknowledged as the life-science capital of Scandinavia. It all started as a spin-off company from Radi Medical Systems, a renowned cardiovascular medical device developer and manufacturer with several market-leading products in its portfolio. Following the sale of Radi Medical Systems to St. Jude Medical, the owners started Novus Scientific and the product TIGR® Matrix saw the light of day.