Welcome to the 8th edition of our TIGR®Matrix Masterclass-series which will be held in Paris at Gustave Roussy Institute! Don’t miss the opportunity to improve your skills and knowledge in this masterclass supervised by our incredible faculty of renowned experts in the field.

This masterclass, will feature plenary discussions of clinical cases, and contains live surgery. As usual, priority will be given to direct interaction, optimizing sharing of knowledge and experience, within a limited number of participants.


  • New trends in implant-based breast reconstruction
  • Choice of the implant and pre-operative drawings
  • Abdominal advancement flap technique
  • Reconstruction of the inframammary fold
  • TIGR®Matrix for skin sparing and nipple sparing mastectomies
  • Gustav Roussy’s experience with TIGR®Matrix
  • Refinements in delayed breast reconstruction
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Gustav Roussy Faculty:
Nicolas Leymarie
Jean-Francois Honart

Yolande Cuthill