Author: Peter Schenk

22 February 2016

DOI: 10.22177bmt-2016-0003


The TIGR Matrix (Novus Scientific) is a 100% synthetic mesh knitted from two fibers with different degradation characteristics. The advantage of these different degradation times is that the mesh keeps its stability during the crucial initial healing phase when pressure of the implant on the already vulnerable mastectomy flaps should be avoided.

The TIGR Matrix mesh provides a pressure adapted support and should hold the weight of the implant until sufficient “own tissue bra” is generated.


In this single-center post-procedure study, the aim was to monitor the safety and performance of TIGR Matrix in adults patients (>18 years) suitable for immediate implant breast reconstruction following skin-sparing mastectomy. All patients were included between the period of April 2013 and October 2014.


Early postoperative results showed no adverse reactions to the mesh and a good integration into the tissue.


A new long-term absorbable surgical matrix, TIGR Matrix mesh was used in a total of 29 patients undergoing a total of 37 mastectomies and immediate reconstruction. Although the follow-up was short the TIGR Matrix mesh fulfills many desired characteristics and requirements for a matrix use in implant-based breast reconstruction and is a promising new alternative to acellular, dermal or other synthetic matrices currently available.